Give a helping hand for poor people

Adult Service

    Day Hab Without Walls

     Day Hab Without Walls, which develops increased independence through community-based activities and volunteer experiences. Participants work on skill development, meal preparation, housekeeping, self-advocacy, community resource development, communication and socialization, as well as safety awareness and travel training. 

    Employment Services

    Employment Services provide employment and life-skills training for individuals who have aged out of District or DOE placements. Our clients discover their skills, aptitudes and interests, and develop community-based work experiences. The vocational department has partnered with over 80 local employers who assist students in building workplace readiness skills, develop vocational interests and prepare for future employment. Our transition team works closely with the families and their communities as their workforce chapter begins.

    Recreation & Social Programs

    Provides peer-based  activities on weekends and evenings that help build friendships, social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.