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Break the Chains of Poverty

The property will most likely be in Queens -We are working with architects to get a variance on the property-We and intend to build approximately 450 new units with top-notch amenities within apts ie: state of art kitchens & bathrooms etc … there will be a central laundry facility in building

The building will be away from the revolving door environment currently existing in NYCHA housing developments and Shelters that suppresses the development of these people

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Also,the complex would include

    • 1)Daycare center
    • 2)Tutoring services for children & adults For academic and vocational studies
    •     A) Educational scholarships for either vocational or academic available
    • 3) Social workers and mental health workers available to every tenant regularly
    •     A) To take away the stigma of Mental Illness
    • 4) Vocational and academic Internships in conjunction with local business leaders
    •     A) Internships available to them from the companies
    •     B) Business leaders to come and give motivational speeches to encourage the people within the     building development
    •     C) Jobs within the companies after programs are completed
    • 5) Mentoring Programs
    • 6) Mental Health Services on a continuing basis after they leave the program for 5 years
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We want to ensure that the people who are living in complex to become better members of society with a greater quality of life and a bright future for them and their families

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